quatsh eindhoven


How it started

E.S.S.R.V. Quatsh was officially founded in 1981 and is therefore the oldest student squash association in the Netherlands! The name of the association, "Quatsh", was probably chosen in accordance with the entirely student-like character because of the reference to the translating word "nonsense".  Although Quatsh has grown a lot in recent years, the association was for a long time a group of about 50 members. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) 

Vanaf het eerste jaar van haar bestaan organiseert Quatsh een jaarlijks kampioenschap. Eerst nog binnen Eindhoven, later als open kampioenschap: de Quatsh Open. In 2022 vindt de 28e editie van dit open toernooi plaats. Buiten dit open toernooi doet Quatsh ook al sinds lange tijd mee aan andere competities en toernooien zoals de Kleine-Kompetitie en Battle of the Cities. 

Where are we now

Meanwhile, Quatsh has grown to a larger association of almost 80 members and aims to expand this even further. Where sports and playing nice matches/competitions are still of great importance, organising social activities and creating a fun association are certainly also important goals. It's with good reason that we are the best student squash association of the south!  
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