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Our tournaments

Quatsh Open

The Quatsh Open is organised every year at the SSCE. This tournament is held during one whole day and is open to everybody. That is, this tournament invites sister associations, Eindhoven study associations, and other sports associations in Eindhoven to come and play squash. Experience and level of squash is not important. Whether students have never played squash before or whether they play professionally, there is room for everyone! During this tournament you will play against opponents of the same level. This way you will not only meet students with the same skillset as you, but it is also a nice opportunity to get in contact with fellow students from Eindhoven or even students from another student city!

Quatsh Closed

The Quatsh Closed, like the Quatsh Open, is organised every year at the SSCE by Quatsh. During this tournament you play against Quatsh members of the same level. That is, if you are a beginning squash player, you play against other beginning players of Quatsh. This tournament is held during one of the club nights on Friday and is not only fun because of the competitive aspect, but also because of the sociability and the contact with other members of Quatsh.

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